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Undiscovered Scotland is a great source of information for travel anywhere in Scotland. I refer to it frequently.

Historic Scotland is the agency that cares for many of the ancient sites I have visited.

English Heritage is their sister organization to the south.

The Megalithic Portal is a great source of extensive information on ancient sites in Britain and throughout the world.


Orkneyjar is a fabulous site covering all aspects of the heritage of the Orkney Islands. It is the work of local writer Sigurd Towrie.

Lighthouse Friends is a website maintained by a lighthouse obsessive named Kraig Anderson. You can lose a few days there, reading about lighthouses in the US and Canada.

The Castles of Wales is an impressively comprehensive website maintained by a gentleman named Jeffrey L Thomas. Nearly 300 castles are documented, most photographed, and there is a vast number of essays and articles on Welsh castles and related themes.


Whisky Whisky Whisky is where I do most of my whisky chatting these days.

Malt Advocate is a great American magazine dedicated to whisky and, to a lesser extent, beer.

Whisky Magazine is a glossy British publication, and host to the forums where I met many of my fellow whisky lovers around the world.

CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) is a British consumer organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of British cask ale and pub culture.

WhiskyCast is Mark (Dizzy) Gillespie's top-notch podcast featuring news and interviews from the world of whisky.


A selection of my favorite musicians:

The Battlefield Band are the foremost exponents of Scottish neotraditional music.

Old Blind Dogs are the other foremost exponents of Scottish neotraditional music.

Tony McManus is a virtuosic celtic-eclectic guitarist from Scotland, now living in Ontario.

Kathryn Tickell is a great Northumbrian piper from, uh, Northumbria.

Richard Thompson is simply one of the greatest musicians walking the face of the earth, a triple-threat singer/guitarist/songwriter equally fluent in traditional and modern styles.

Annbjørg Lien, the astonishing Norwegian Hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa player.

Gjallarhorn are an ethnic Swedish band from Finland with a unique multicultural outlook on Nordic music.

Värttinä began as a Finnish schoolgirls' folk music collective, and morphed into an adventurous folk-jazz band fronted by three to five female singers.

NorthSide is an American label specializing in Nordic music.


SaskTech Servers of Saskatchewan host this site. They offered a considerable amount of space for a very reasonable fee.

StatCounter of Ireland provided my free hit counter. Lots of web stats services provide free hit counters; these guys are the only ones I found who didn't put an ad, or at least a link back to their own site, on the counter, so I am happy to give them a link here. (The only drawback is they say they'll have to jack me up to a premium service if I get more than 9,000 page looks a day, so be careful out there!) If you are in the market for web stats services, please consider them.


Silent Source is my good friend Win's business. Silent Source is your 'one-stop-shop' for all your interior acoustical treatment and soundproofing needs, at very competitive prices! Tell him Mr Tattie Heid sent you.

I seem to have no other friends at this time, at least not ones with a web presence.

The North Atlantic Arc Mr Tattie Heid Home

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